Violets Take Part in "Yards for Yeardley" Campaign

Violets Take Part in "Yards for Yeardley" Campaign

From NYU Athletics

Student-athletes and staff members from the New York University department of athletics recently pushed weighted sleds more than one million yards to support the One Love Foundation. The foundation raises awareness about relationship violence and was started in honor of Yeardley Love, a University of Virginia (UVA) women's lacrosse player who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend three weeks before she was set to graduate from college in May, 2010.

This project builds off of the Bystander Intervention training that all of the NYU varsity student-athletes completed this year. That group, along with athletic department personel completed over 1,000,000 yards, which is almost 600 miles. 

Every NYU team participated in the "Yards for Yardley" campaign, with the wrestling team pushing the sleds the most amount of yards. The Violets' women's volleyball squad pushed the sleds the furthest per the number of student-athletes on their roster.

The campaign at NYU was spearheaded by NYU athletic trainer Julia Brandt, who was a graduate assistant at UVA when Love tragically lost her life.

"I'm really proud to have brought this program to NYU and to have had the amount of passion that we saw in the room," said Brandt. "It is so important to make sure everyone is aware of relationship violence, especially on college campuses. It was devastating to lose a student-athlete when I was working at UVA and I want to make sure we do everything we can to prevent it from happening again."